Saturday, September 5, 2009


Apologies for the poor image. I was limited to my iphone and most likely shaking from excitement. But I had to share it, last night I saw ERYKAH BADU!!!

My adoration for her is well known. I think all my closest girlfriends from high school know the ENTIRE Mama's Gun album as it was the only tape I owned (that is after D'angelo's Voodoo was found smashed on the street outside my house -- whoops).

Anyways, beats were BANGIN'!!! I sang along to every classic cut and she sneak peeked her new Cannabinoids joints. Not to mention mama was rockin some fly overalls with YSL black patent leather booties! (you can peep them if you look close... oooo weeee!)

I'm still excited and will be riding off that one for a minute.

much love, farisita