Wednesday, December 16, 2009


ugh, this is so sad.

Added to the casualty list of 2009: I.D. magazine. A publication that has inspired so many including myself. The mag came up in conversation at last night's bday/dinner party. Their design review deadline was at midnight and a friend-of-a-friend's project was taking a while to upload for entrance so he had to leave early. It all spawned the praise by the party-goers of those great venues that reach out to the aspiring.

I guess this whole blog thing is bitters
weetness. It's enabled anyone with discipline to share thoughts but in transition has killed some material romanticism... But you can't place blame on anything this year, it's been a crazy ride and I can't wait for 2010. I have one of those tummy-pleasing-sweet-in-the-back-of-the-throat type of feelings. I guess we'll see.
Anyways, RIP I.D. You'll be missed.

xo farisita

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