Thursday, November 26, 2009


Feels good to be home for the holidays. The family just moved into a new house, one my parent's have been working on for some time now. Being born in the house prior, it's a little strange coming home to a new pad. But they kept all the mid-century classics I grew up with (barcelona tables, eames lounge & credenza, saarinen tulip bed stands, etc...), so at times it just feels like a fresh paint job, a REALLY nice fresh paint job. 

The feast steamed up the flat. Turkey was moist and golden, mash potatoes were oh so creamy and the brussel sprouts rocked my world (most likely because bacon was involved). My aunt made her sticky rice and cousin brought over salmon -- the cliche is true, no Seattle feast is complete without it. We ate mango pudding and marscarpone cake to celebrate me and my uncle's early-birthday and drowled over the newest baby, Lucianna. It all felt really good. Not one of those forced family gatherings. We really love each other, and I am very thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

love, farisita

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