Monday, January 11, 2010

asian fried eggplant

fried eggplant asian style
My eggplant had to be cooked up tonight it was starting to look not so good. It can be a tricky vegetable for me. I often create a mushy platter however there seems to be two solid ways that come out consistently: grilling and frying. Since its a tid bit nippy and I'm not tryin to light up the grill, I fried some eggplant and made an asian sweet soy sauce for dipping you can surely find better ingredients for the dipping sauce, but I'm going with what I had

fried eggplant asian style
2 Japanese Eggplants 
3 C Panko japanese bread crumbs, can be found at ANY asian market
1 C Flour
1 T Corn Starch
1 t Salt
6 C Peanut Oil or Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil
3 eggs

1 C Low Sodium Soy Sauce I always like to use low sodium because you can increase saltyness but not take it away
1/4 C Ketchup
1/3 C Sugar
1 T Rice Vinegar
Sriracha to taste

Go ahead and chop up the eggplant into 1/2 inch pieces and put aside. Combine Panko, Flour, Corn Starch and Salt on a flat dish. In a separate bowl beat the eggs. 

Dip the eggplant pieces into the egg, after soaked, dredge in Panko mixture, once breaded, put on a separate dish, they are ready to be fried. Everyone has their different assembly line system, I prefer to make about 6 at a time. Continue this process until all the eggplant is breaded. 

If you have a iron pan, great, if not, any old sauce pan will work fine. My dutch oven was occupied with some coconut chicken so I just used a regular pan. :) Because I'm not completely submerging my eggplant in oil, but rather I cooking them a side at a time, I like to  heat 2 cups of oil at a time. Heat up it  up on high, and when hot enough you can tell by sprinkling a little of the panko in the pan and it'll sizzle start frying them up! Again, I like to do about 6 - 8 at a time. I fry them until they're golden on one side and flip them until they're golden on the other if you check out the pictures below, it makes more sense, I think... Fry them all up and place them on some paper towels to soak up the excess oil. 

For the sauce: stir up all the ingredients into a small sauce pan on med-high and let it simmer for about 3 minutes, let it cool down and you have yourself some yummy sauce.

Frying can be intimidating, but it's super simple and very yummy... ENJOY!

with love and a full belly,



  1. Okay, so I've never had eggplant before; but this reminds me a bit of tempura. And since I adore tempura, I'm convinced that I will LOVE this!! :)

  2. YUMMIE!
    And I love Tempura too!
    To be honest I love Asain food.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  3. wow awesome since i heart veggies. i'm going to try this, this week.
    thank you! <3

  4. yum yum! great recipe thank you!

  5. It's really good. Panko is a great alternative to tempura, I always have some in the cupboard.

    Hope you try it ;)

  6. OMG that looks so yummy... I love Japanese food! Great recipe and lovely blog!! :) Mon Mode Blog

  7. I used to hate eggplant when I was a kid but I love it now. This looks so good, I have never had fried eggplant before. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  8. yum and thank you

  9. oooo that looks amazing! i normally do the same thing then bake it

  10. these seriously look amazing. I love tempura and katsu so I'll be sure to try out your recipe!!