Wednesday, January 20, 2010

soggy toes

soggy toes
It was just one of dem days today. Stormin like Seattle here in California, I was rushing like crazy to work due to my heavy thumb hitting the snooze twenty too many times and got the splash n drive up my hip, which wasn't all that bad since I was soaked through and through already, I conveniently forgot an umbrella. All I could do was laugh, and the dude behind me shared the giggle. It was funny minus the soggy toes...

I'll be back at it tomorrow. Much love y'all,



  1. Haha, really the best thing to do... just laugh about it and take it easy :)

  2. Sound like the weather over here, one tip: glue the umberella to your hand!

  3. Sounds like quite a storm - keep covered up dear.

  4. im with you on the snooze; im sooo bad about that. and yeahh, storming here like crazy too!
    and gorgeouss blogg! will definitely be stopping by to visit again SOON!

  5. :( bad weather here too!
    anyways love your blog

  6. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck!

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

  7. Hello girl!

    You made me wanna lunch at your home! I am crazy about Lentils, so much better than beans and so much easy to prepare! Nice touch of carrots though...I gonna copy your recipe!

    LOVE your blog!